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Christmas Morn

Dressed in bathrobe and slippers, hair in a mess, warm cup of coffee nestled in my stomach, christmas bread within hand reach. Herman is dressed up and awake, zapping away looking for something christmassy to watch and listen to. Tristan is still asleep. He will be happy we didn’t go to church this morning!

Last night we had a lovely evening with my parents and the rest of the available family. A delicious dinner was eaten. Phone calls were made to Ethiopia and Hungary to let the loved ones know we are thinking of them. Presents were exchanged and appreciated. Cousins played and laughed. And, despite all the weather warnings, we made it home just fine.

So today will be a relaxed day. A friend and I will probably pop by and visit another friend of ours, one who is alone this Christmas. We’ll be visiting Hermans side of the family for a movie and meal. I might bake some cookies. I’ve got a puzzle lying on the table, ready for me to start making it in traditional holiday style. It’s snowing outside, a first white Christmas in….. many a year!

I believe the Christmas peace and quiet has finally hit me. Relaxation is sinking in. Hallelujah!


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I went on a trip with almost all of my fellow bureaucrats last friday, to Ameland, one of the five dutch islands just off the coast. Bet you didn’t know we had islands!
The Bliss (and I purposely use a capital letter) of this view…. verzameling september 2009 060

Each time I see the sea I tell myself I’m going to go more often. And each time I don’t. This time however… I have a friend who pines for the sea like I do, for the endlessness of it, the space, the openness. I told her we would go together sometime. And I want to make that sometime, sometime soon.


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Happy Thursday

After yesterdays post some good spirit is in order, and even more lovely, it’s not even contrived!

I bought some beautiful plants at the market this morning. I was up at 5.30 and promised myself a walk by the plants, and some buying as well. Made me happy, balancing my purse, bike and plants and wondering how I was going to get the beauties home! And they formed a lovely backdrop for my work today, so they served a double purpose.

A new volunteer came in today. One who is going to help me out at work. Lovely to think I’ll be able to delegate some of my more tedious chores!

How sweet is the long comment made on my last post? Made my day!

Flowers, more of them. Came home to find a bunch on the table, bought by my daughter following a friends request. april 2009 003

My son is snoring on the couch after four days of camp. Glad he’s home safe and sound. Though I was too tired to worry, I’m still glad things went well. With his hemofilia,  you never know!

Things got done at work today, and I was still able to leave relatively early. So no guilt!

The sun is shining and it’s beautiful outside. I will mosey along quietly and prepare some food and maybe, just maybe, drag this tired body out for a walk again.

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Just taking a short break to tell you that sun, 21 degrees, a garden filled with flowers, a bikini, and a kikoi make for a lovely sunday afternoon!

I can feel relaxation seeping into my pores, despite the fact that I didn’t get to sleep until 2.30 last night, due to a night at the movie theater combined with my insatiable desire to finish reading my book, accompanied by a crying son who’s legs were hurting him. And then we even got up to go to church this morning and heard a good sermon!

I’m telling you, i’m a pretty happy camper right now.

And I’m off to soak in some more of that sun…..

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