Nary a moment

There’s nary a moment to be found to sit behind this machine in comfort and peace, without the “fear” that someone will be looking over my shoulder, wondering what I’m doing. While there’s so much going on that it would be lovely sit and digest it now and again.

Night on the town with Herman was good. We played a relationship game, a card game that I ripped out of a Psychology magazine. One with different questions, thoughtful ones or amusing ones. Made for good conversation. We played this during dinner. Though it may sound weird or forced, in our relationship a game instigates conversation that otherwise would just peter out. Because my hubby and I have such differing interests, sometimes it feels like we’re a staid old couple with nothing to say to each other.
We went to a movie later, a dutch one, not to be recommended. But it was fun to complain about it together!

Coming home was hard for me. I tend to feel overly responsible for the family, according to many. This may be true. Again, this is a responsibility that weighs heavily on my mind, but may not seem as evident in my actions. Because really, action wise I often feel like I only do the bare minimum that motherhood entails. An ongoing issue in my mind anyway.
A little crisis here and there kept the adrenaline and the tears flowing. It kind of feels like a roller coaster lately as far as differing circumstances go!
Now I must be off to a new years churchly ceremony at Hermans work.



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3 responses to “Nary a moment

  1. Joy-Desta

    I am having a nary moment every time I check your blog….I am wondering what happened to your blogging habit?
    Lack of inspiration?
    Love you,

  2. Franca

    Ha! I’m not the only person who’s missing your blogs!

  3. Hey, you are blogging! I think that is a lovely idea….the game I mean! Sounds like mother guilt has hit you hard….I struggle with that too.

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