7 Quick Takes



Yesterday I had a small heart attack when I heard that my “boss” is on facebook. MY BOSS IS ON FACEBOOK! I hear this one day after I gleefully wrote that I was on facebook while at work… I came home and checked my privacy settings. Phew. No worries there. I will not add him as a friend, and he can’t see anything of mine without being one.


Food bank

I heard the facebook news while chatting away with a number of lovely woman about setting up a food bank here in our little town. Good chatting! We’ll be exploring the possibilities, going to visit other food banks and checking with social services to see if they will endorse the project. It was fun realizing that the network I’ve been building up at work this last year will come to good use for this project as well.



I never did get around to posting about Sinterklaas on the fifth of december, except as a status update on facebook. But yesterday we leafed throught the pictures on the computer and I thought I’d put some up here for posterity. That is, after all, what blogging is all about, isn’t it?

We had great evening that night. Such huge amounts of creativity!


NEW books

While at the arty party with my sister and brother we got to talking about spending money and buying books. It was clear to them that books are my passion.  But, I feel guilty every time I buy them. Like it’s a waste of money. So they challenged me to buy one NEW book each month, for the coming year. And yesterday, I did. With great pleasure. In the book store. Handing over more than the usual 50 cents I pay at the second hand book store.

It made me feel proud and happy. A small investment in myself, a gesture to make myself understand that I’m worth the investment 🙂

Thanks Renzo and Lise!



Tonight Herman and I are off for a night in a hotel and a small shopping spree the day after. It all started because I couldn’t find Herman a present for his birthday. I probably also didn’t start looking on time, but let’s not talk about that. Finally, motivated by desperation, I booked us a night in a hotel. I remember thinking though, why should we only do this once a year? It’s not all that expensive to go away for a night, if you look for a good bargain, and it makes for a lovely date. And that’s something we don’t get around to much with the house full lately. So we’re off later today. I’m hoping for some quality time together, and a nice sweater for Herman.


Friends/Family and other strangers

Our Christmas break was one that was filled with people. Our second “daughter”  came back home sooner than expected. We had my mom and dad sleep over, then a friend slept over. Some girls/clients from Hermans work came over for an evening of dinner and games.  Two nights ago sister in law dropped by with husband to let us know that they’re pregnant. Meanwhile other brother in law was there as well. Around  Christmas I met up with three friends. Coffee at Hermans work. My girlie has come back from Hungary with her boyfriend, pleasurably adding to the crowd. Lunch with volunteers, coffe with second daughters mother. Arty party with brother and sister. People, people everywhere. Or at least that what it feels like. A social whirl which makes me feel like this is home but which also leaves desperately little time for blogging or just sitting or time in the house alone. Maybe next week the pace will settle down a  little?



Herman has taken some days off and has been working in the kitchen. My, that’s beginning to look good! I had gotten so used to spreading my bread on an upside down door that I forgot what it would look like when we put in a real countertop. Or base boards. Or painted the walls, or any other of the stuff that he’s been doing. That also adds to the homey feel of the house. It’s been two years, so it’s about time that this place started feeling like home!



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2 responses to “7 Quick Takes

  1. Alize

    Met plezier gelezen. Wens je leuk uitje in Apeldoorn!

  2. one of your colleagues, yes, that one!

    Glad you added me on facebook! Thanks! I’d like to spend more time on it, but time slips through my fingers these days…

    Do you have a card for the library? I got one for my birthday, because I really (REALLY) spent too much money on books. and now: i Like to go to the library and read all the books I’d love to. In case my request is not available, the library borrows a copy of it from other libraries. And for you it would be a good solution: go to the library and read some pages or magazines, so you get some rest of the turbulence at home!

    Nice present for your hubby, a night in a hotel. You should make an appointment with him to do this twice a year. I did, with my hubby, and it’s a lovely stok-achter-de-deur to spend some time together. And of course, the niciest thing about being away from home… is coming home!

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