A bit of this and that

It’s almost two and I’m still in my bathrobe! I almost feel ashamed, but not quite.

Our logee, or guest child, is coming “home” today. Leaving her family home to come to ours. Christmas hasn’t worked out well for her. I think the best therapy for her would be to bundle her up and wrap her up against my body as if she were a baby and then carry her around until she feels safe. Only problem is she’s 6 foot tall and 19 years old!

It’s sad and worrying to see how she suffers in her head with things that defy logic. I hope the relative safety of our home will give her some comfort.
Despite the sometimes worrying aspects, she’s also a joy to have around. Somehow our family becomes more of a family when we have a guest. Guests often bring out the best in us. And this girlie is a sweetheart. Able to make us laugh and smile no matter what the circumstances, God bless her.

I think it’s pretty amazing that God can use something as flawed as our own family to mean something to someone else. He’s cool that way!


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  1. Zan

    She’s lucky to have you and I am sure your love and care will make her new year a much better one.

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