Inside my head

Inside my head is a world of its own. Chaos, sometimes. Order, other times.
I’ve been getting my head screwed with for a couple of months now, by a therapist with the charmingly old fashioned name of Lambert. Yes, Lambert.

Lambert has had me bored because he tends to talk a lot. But Lambert has also managed to mess with my head in such a way that I’ve actually changed some habits, and (most frighteningly of all) he has made me cry. Or rather, helped me cry.
Which is not a bad thing, I’m discovering.

Today I came up with the enlightened statement that I may just permit myself to take the advice that I often offer to others. Be yourself, cry if you need to, mourn your losses. There’s no shame in that! No shame in letting the world see your sadness. You don’t have to be perfect, you are good just the way you are.
And God? He really is a safe place to fall. He really truly is. I may not understand Him (and do I really want to?) but He is a soft place to fall.

Amen to that!


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  1. Zan

    =) Merry Christmas Marit!


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