Thinking about cookies

I bought a kilo of dates in the store today and have been thinking about cookies. I remember last year I made some cookies for my international friends and am pondering doing the same this year. It’s an american sentiment, I believe, baking cookies for Christmas and handing them out. One I like though!
Freshly baked anything is somewhat of a rarity here. But baking is my creative outlet.
Maybe I will make some for Christmas Eve, which we will spend at my parents. I think there should be at least one or two who will appreciate it!

Have I mentioned that Christmas and New Years will be spent without my girlie? She’s in Hungary, visiting her boyfriends family. It’s an odd feeling, not having her around.
And have I mentioned that we have a new girlie in the house? A friend in need, who will be sleeping here for a couple of nights a week while she follows therapy for her eating disorder at a clinic here in my town. It feels good to have her here. Like I told her once, after she said that she feels at home here; “You make our home more of a home with your prescence”. And it’s true. Having a guest, even a live-in guest, often brings out the best in all of us.

And there’s so much more to tell. It’s been a busy busy while since I’ve written here.

Maybe there will be more to tell tomorrow.


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