At some point in the past I’m sure I’ve blogged about hospitality and about how Herman and I like to have people over. That hasn’t happened much since we moved here, almost two years ago. Not as many people coming over, no friends from the kids dropping by, and usually me going for coffee elsewhere, instead of people dropping by here.

This weekend has been one right on the other end of the spectrum, and unexpectedly, I’ve been really enjoying it. I say unexpectedly because sometimes people in the house feel like a claim laid on my time and attention, a claim I don’t always enjoy. But friday one of Hermans “clients” from his work came to spend a night. I was kind of expecting a doped up, mentally unstable type (seeing as Herman works in a therapeutic setting), but this boy was definately on the mend and was fun to have around. The kids ended up staying downstairs to visit instead of fleeing upstairs and all in all it was a good time!

Then yesterday Marinda and I visited a friend of hers, who used to come by. A bit of a troubled girl, a real sweetheart. She appreciated our visit so much and will be dropping by for a weekend soon. And today 4 of Hermans “clients” (for lack of a better word) are dropping by. Not sure what types they will be but I’m more ok with it than I thought. I think I’ve forgotton how rewarding it can be to open up house and home, and most importantly heart (though that is the hardest part for me) to people in need of a bit of hospitality. It really doesn’t take a lot.

Perhaps this is what Herman and I do. No hip dates with hot shot friends at great places to eat, or nights at the movies, or visits to concerts. Maybe it’s just a matter of opening the doors and letting people in, for our house to be a welcoming place to stay a while. And then people will move on and others will come in their place.



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2 responses to “Hospitality

  1. zan

    I wish I was more like you that way. I have a hard time opening up my door to others, panicking that my house isn’t clean enough, or that I don’t have anything to offer. In my vision of how I would like to be I’d keep my door open wide for anyone in need of a chat or just a silent cup of coffee..
    You just gave me something to think about!

  2. I love that idea–just opening your house.

    Hip is way overrated!

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