So tonight I’m going to my mother in laws womans bible group (place apostrophe  somewhere) to do a presentation about hemophilia. The group is structured around bible study first, done by the pastor, then a short break, followed by a presentation of some sort. Usually somebody showing nature slides, or slides of their recent trip to Israel. The ladies group consists of 70 year old ladies and, according to one person I spoke, has functioned in the same way for the last 40 years.
So I’ve decided to show them a power point presentation. I had to go to the church beforehand so that the caretaker could show me what he had. And they did have all the neccesary equipment. The kind man had not the slightest clue how to set it up, didn’t even know what the various objects were, so I will be called upon to set everything up myself. Which is a challenge, because technical stuff is not my strong suit.
Hopefully all will be well. I’m wearing my new pants. Which should be flung into a fire according to my daughter. And my new coat, of which she approves.
Let’s hope technicalities and the confidence evoked by a pair of pants that actually fit will not fail me tonight.



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3 responses to “Presentation

  1. lise

    reminded me of calender girls!!! blog how it went!

  2. zan

    yes how did it go? sounds interesting!

  3. eliseblogs

    After an emergency call to someones husband, who then arrived with a newer laptop, the presentation was uneventful. I did my thing, pants stayed on and mother in law was pleased. She was more nervous than I was!

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