More random stuff. It’s amazing how I can come up with so much insignificant blithering.

It’s saturday morning. Husband and son are on the soccer field, luckily the day is nice and clear. The trees are turning beautiful shades, and yet I still don’t want to really accept that fact that it is autumn. I wore my summer coat until last week and even though I’ve scraped ice off the car windows in the morning, autumn won’t sink in. I should head off to the woods and really enjoy the changing of the seasons. But I’m not.

Feeling totally zonked after three nights of little sleep. Last night it was two before I crawled into bed, due to my daughter having a party and me having to pick her up. Glad to do it though because that girl just doesn’t party enough. How weird is it for a mother of a teenager to be saying that?!?

Autumn break is coming week. There’s a load off my mind now that my event has been and gone. I’m taking a day off next week. It kind of feels like a nice clean break is ahead of me. Though I tend to think that the housewifely duties will cloud that break. All it takes is a good look around to realize that there’s a lot to do around here :-(.

I’ve been reading Wilbur Smith. Gotta love his books. Will be asking my secondhand book man to dig up some more for me. Funny thing about this man. He has a TON of books, and yet does not read himself. Books are just business to him, though he will make the effort to find you certain type of books if you ask him.I most likely would not get around to selling them, if it was my business.

My last therapy session is coming up. Yes, I have learned some things, but it hasn’t really given me enough tools to cope with daily reality of life as I live it. I was hoping to gain a lot better understanding of myself but that hasn’t happened. There’s an option to extend my visits, but I’m thinking I won’t be doing it with him. It’s such hard work getting on the same track with him, there’s no natural click, and not enough of the aha moments that I love. You know, when something just falls into place and all of a sudden understanding sinks in? Love those moments. The more the better, otherwise I get stuck in the mire in my head.

I used to think that the mundane things of my life might be interesting to others. Now I find myself almost embarassed by the stuff I write down. Because really, why should anyone care if my house is a mess or what books I’m reading? I truly don’t know. What is it that makes me want to be seen, makes me put myself out there and get a kick out of being acknowledged? I don’t know…… I confuse myself.


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  1. zan

    You know, you could fill a whole page with ‘Bla bla bla’ and I would still find it interesting ๐Ÿ™‚
    Please keep writing.
    Perhaps, with your therapy.. give it a little break, see how you get on and if you’re not getting on find another therapist?
    Um and the household work… eeeks and bleh. When school break come, I do ‘a room a day’.
    it works and it doesn’t take up the whole day.
    or just do the surface, the stuff others will see and leave the rest for…. the future ๐Ÿ™‚ thats what my house is like!
    big hugs

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