It’s not friday, so this is not an official 7 quick takes, but I thought I would post some random stuff. I wasn’t sure what to write, and then I end up writing nothing. Now if I just write random stuff, it might help me get back in the flow of things again.

I have this feeling that I might be suffering from some stress incontinence. Yes, a delightful subject. It scares me and it worries me. I’m 38 for pete’s sake!

A family member sent out a mail to see if people would babysit on certain days. She and her husband have just become parents. When I expressed my total and complete non interest in any form of babysitting, my husband “you’re really bad, aren’t you?”. Hinting that my aversion may be a bit overdone.

Am I bad?

There’s a womans weekend coming up. I’m looking forward to going. It’s a church thing. I was also looking forward to being away for a weekend, in the company of woman, but now it turns out we’ll be sleeping at home. Unappealing. Because how it works with me is that when I walk in the door of my house all the responsibilities of home come crashing down. And I end up doing laundry, dishes, or listening to the kids stories, or my husbands. All of these things are not bad! But, when I think of a weekend with spiritual subjects, with my head and heart being involved, and then having to come home to deal with the humdrum of daily life… it just doesn’t mesh. So I’m looking for an alternative.

Ideas anyone?

On thursday it’s time for my big work event. I’m kind of nervous.
Around 375 people will be involved, with me at the helm. Nerves, sleepless moments and worry.

I’ve been pondering on joining Weight Watchers. The last time I lost weight, no wait, the time before that, I used weight watchers principles and it worked well. I did it on my own then, no group sessions, thank you. I’m ballooning badly and I have this feeling that it may also play a part in aforementioned incontinence.

I seriously can’t believe I’m writing about incontinence. But I’ve always told myself that if I did get something which is not to be spoken of, then I would. Maybe because of my past experience with leprosy. I remember feeling so panicked, having to keep it a secret. I don’t want to do that again.
On the other hand, who the hell wants to know about my urinary issues? Probably nobody. But it helps make it more real for me to write it down here. I must be crazy.

7 must be a logical limit because I’m all wrote out.



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3 responses to “Random

  1. A Human Kind of Human

    3: You are definitely not bad! I love babies, but after bringing up my own three and partly my granddaughter also, I have had enough, I have done my share, I AM DONE! So there, if you are bad, do not feel alone, I am bad with you.

    4: I know, I know and it is horrible. Going home to the responsibilities and humdrum just is not on. For me, when at such camps/events, the evenings are the times when I can meditate on the days events and lessons and doing the cooking, dishes, washing, etc., just does not make for the right atmosphere for that.

  2. lise

    you can stay over here? but that might be just as bad as in coming home?! if you need any tips on incontinence help is on the way!! πŸ™‚

  3. zan

    you make me laugh lol I love the way you write, even if it’s a subject like incontinence..
    And oh babysitting… no ur not bad. If they pay you well yeah sure, but if not, no way πŸ˜›

    And about your spiritual weekend… I’d take up your sisters offer πŸ™‚ either that or get a hotel with a friend.. preferably a female friend πŸ˜‰

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