Sleep is something all of us don’t seem to be getting enough of. Marinda got of to a great start at school, a whole three weeks, maybe even four without being sick. Now she’s sick again and sleeping a lot. Tristan, poor boy, has really had a major adjustment to make. Instead of getting up at 8 and making it to school at 8.30, he now has to get up at 6.30 and then bike for 45 minutes. He’s my hero, because he has faithfully been doing this, AND has been getting up after only one wake up call. He walks around the house looking like a zombie now and again though!
And Herman and I have some weird timing. Last week I was in bed early all nights, this week it’s his turn. I should be getting to bed early because truthfully, I’m not all that rested. Last week I had a slight sense of panic about the whole sleep thing, wondering if I’d still be able to function if I didn’t get a good nights sleep. A couple nights of sleep did wonders for that sense of panic, and maybe the natural sleep medication I took a couple of nights helped along as well.

Sleep. There’s nothing quite like it for resting body and soul.


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  1. zan

    I hope your sleep patterns get back on track. Sleep’s so important, without it everything else falls apart.
    so happy to see you blogging again! 🙂
    keep it up!

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