Today was one of those days when I realize how much I like my job. The variation I have is just so appealing.

Take the last two days for example.
– This morning I spoke to three groups of teens about volunteer work. Exhausting, but fun. I was up at five worrying things wouldn’t go well, but they did. Lots of questions to answer.
– Came back to work to a pissed off e-mail from somebody demanding payment of their bill. So I walked around collecting the right signature, ended up having to have the director sign a receipt for the grand sum of 7,50!
– One of my volunteers came in from her trip to Kenya. So I listened to her tales and glanced through all 700 photographs.
– I’m busy organizing an event for 300 teens from 5 schools with 20 organisations. Finances with the one, catering with the other, all the odds and ends that need to be done for it to be succesful.
– Meanwhile I get a phone call from an organisation saying that a volunteer I sent their way has turned out to be kind of iffy, which means planning a good heart to heart with this volunteer.
– An immigrant wants to do volunteer work, so I print out some options for her, meanwhile handing some candy to the little boy she has brought with her.
– Another e-mail comes in asking for an appointment for somebody setting up a new volunteer project.
– I drive to a nearby town twice to attend meetings.
– Invitations for different conferences come in. I have to decide which to attend; one, or none, or perhaps all?
– Tomorrow I have an appointment with the website man, to make some changes to the website.
– I send off a letter to the secretaries, requesting that it be sent to my network.

This is just some of the stuff that crossed my path.  I can’t help but love it!  It wears me down sometimes, but I really do love it.



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4 responses to “Work

  1. Alize

    Of dit gevarieerd is:)!

  2. lise

    enjoyed the read!! fun to get an idea of what your job entails!

  3. zan

    you go Marit!!!

  4. Just a colleague (the red one)

    And I quess that you’re the perfect person for this job. It ‘s nice having you around. And I never told this to the previous woman from SVN… 🙂

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