I went on a trip with almost all of my fellow bureaucrats last friday, to Ameland, one of the five dutch islands just off the coast. Bet you didn’t know we had islands!
The Bliss (and I purposely use a capital letter) of this view…. verzameling september 2009 060

Each time I see the sea I tell myself I’m going to go more often. And each time I don’t. This time however… I have a friend who pines for the sea like I do, for the endlessness of it, the space, the openness. I told her we would go together sometime. And I want to make that sometime, sometime soon.



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2 responses to “Beach

  1. lise

    yeah!! computer installed within reach and the writing starts! Love the book thing onthe top of the blog!!

  2. zan

    🙂 more posts? please? 🙂 pretty please? 😀

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