7 Quick Takes



We’ve been back for 2 weeks and vacation almost seems like a distant thing in the past. I’m so grateful for pictures! Pictures to look over and remember.
I think what most characterizes our family outing is what Marinda said: beauty is not enough for two weeks. See the place where we were is beautiful. And that was almost enough for me, but definately not for the kids. Because it was beautiful, but there was not another person to be found within a normal radius. The house we rented was located in the middle of a new area which was still being built…. no kids, no company, no neighbors. Now I don’t know about anybody else, but I know the success of our vacations often depends on the amount of friends my kids make. So they were bored. I could not listen to the opening song from Friends one more time, let me tell you.
We did do a lot of stuff though, and I enjoyed myself, with the exception of my birthday which was a dull gloomy and extremely boring day. Even I found myself wanting to go home.

A  few highlights:

– meeting Jordans parents (Marinda’s boyfriend) and having a fun lunch with them
– the scenery and the history
– water: I love the sense of space that water gives. Give me a lake or an ocean and you give me peace of mind
– floating on the lake, combination of icy cold water and a hot hot sun
– discovering a cemetery on a beautiful walk with Herman
– freshly baked bread every day

ma famille



House and Home

Last week sunday we went a little crazy and started switching furniture around. My motivation was inspired by our lovely holiday home, combined with my sisters spacious new house, our friends beautiful new home, and my neighbors idea of switching the room back to front. Frankly, I was lead by envy.

But I’m quite happy with the end result. The house feels, I don’t know, better, in some way. Less of a “let’s just cram everything we own into this room and call it home”  kind of space.

See for yourself. zomer 2009 035

zomer 2009 034



A couple of days after our little crazy, we went a lot crazier and bought art. Israeli art students were selling art door to door and Herman let them in. I know, crazy 🙂

But we ended up buying this, which still needs to be stretched. We won’t frame it for now, I’m thinking it will ruin the spacious effect of the painting. Really, it’s something we realistically should not be paying, but it struck both our fancies and when we saw the effect it had on our humble abode, we were sold.

(as my hubby said, this is not the worlds most fantastic picture, but it will give an impression)

zomer 2009 023


Spontaneous Visits

Some of the best visits are the spontaneous kind. In the midst of moving furniture the friends who stayed in our house during our vacation dropped by. Despite the mess, we asked them to stay, parked ourselves in the garden and an hour lighted decided to light the BBQ and have a meal. We lit a fire, and sat around it eating and talking and enjoying eachothers company. I took out my ethiopian incense and we sat in clouds of scent.

On the monday after I had a massive car day. I ended up going to 5 different towns. Drop of Tristan at a friends house, drop off Marinda at the bus station (it’s back to Hungary again for her, quick visit to a friend in one town, then on to the next for a visit with another, and on my way home I couldn’t resist the temptation to drop by my sis for a quick visit. I was tired at the end! But it was fun all the same, and well worth the effort.

I’d like to try this a bit more often, give a friend a call and then just drop by. Or not give a call and just drop by. Often times the less planning is involved the more relaxed people are!



I’ve been doing some experimenting with boundaries and I must say the end results are not as bad as I expected. I expected more hassle from those involved the experiment, but most of the hassle comes from inside my head with a craze of thoughts running through it: “am i doing the right thing, when should i say things, where is the limit, what consequence does it have, why am i doing this”. I drive myself nuts. I’m trying to console myself with the thought that I am at the stage of being consciously competent which is a fase farther than being consciously incompetent. This is hard work and I am not yet particularly enjoying it.



I’ve been at work a week again but I can’t say I’m enjoying yet. Not hating it either. I just have to be firm with myself and get myself going which is harder than I expected. I am back to working regular hours, though last week wednesday was such a beautiful day that i gave myself some time out and went to soak in the sun in the garden. I had a glass of wine (my boss gave it to me for my birthday!) and turned totally woozy and had to take a nap to recuperate. Nevertheless, it had a nice warm holiday feel to it!



I didn’t write much in the Czech Republic, aside from a few notes on what we had done each day. And I havn’t blogged since then either. Maybe this massive post will get me going again, maybe not.  I had fun writing this post, that’s the advantage of the seven quick takes. Gets a lot of writing out of the way!



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5 responses to “7 Quick Takes

  1. Zan

    Glad you’re back blogging again. 🙂

  2. Joy-Desta

    Hey you! Nice to have you back, love what you did with the house!

  3. lise

    yeah for your 7 quick takes! I like what you did to your house, and you have a cosy sectioned off living room, that’s what makes the difference I think! I will come by and admire in person! Enjoy the weekend.

  4. one of your colleagues, yes, that one!

    Glad you’re back!

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