By popular request

By popular request (actually by the specific request of my sister…) another post filled with sweet nothings from this household.

Today my ears were assailed by the sweet music of Andre van Duin, a dutch folk singer, combined with the fluting tones of a Bolivian orchestra. This was at work. Due to the fact that there was a summer market going on and everybody was doing their best to keep the market visitors entertained. By the end of the day, it wasn’t fun anymore.

But I did get a lot of work done and keeping growing into the realization that WE ARE GOING ON VACATION FOLKS! My traditional piles of stuff are being assembled around the house. Sunday I bought two puzzles to take with me, secondhand at someones house. The same people then also gave us many seeds and seedlings from their garden, which a I admired profusely. That was fun!

Meanwhile Herman and I have been sorting through various spaces in the house and shed, a lovely cleanup. Clearing up makes my head feel cleared up as well. Before we go on vacation it seems like even the pile of kitchen remnants that has been decorating our garden since march will be gone. Wonderful! Friends will be staying in our house as their vacation when we’re gone on ours. It’s such a lovely thought that the house will be sorted and (kind of) clean when they arrive.

For the rest I’m surprisingly uninspired to blog lately. Not sure why exactly, but not really bothered either. Though it is nice to get a little push from my sis, encouraging me to keep going.

Hope you enjoyed your read for the day Lise!!



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3 responses to “By popular request

  1. lise

    Whatever!! Enjoyed reading about your do dats!!
    Hope you guys have a great relaxing holiday!

  2. Alize

    Leuk te lezen over je ‘sweet nothings’ en vakantievoorpret!

  3. I love getting everything tidied up. Especially in summer when everyone is home and there seems to be a tendency for everyone to form their own piles.

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