Kitty cats

april 2009 006

Herman and I dove into our attic today to do some cleaning. And I came upon my childhood collection of kitty cats. I think I first started that collection when I was 7 or 8 and continued until I was 18 or so. The last one I got was a huge white one which has since disappeared. I have no recollection of where it went to! One of the cats was made out of soapstone, give to me by a boyfriend when I lived in Kenya. He engraved his name and the words “I love you” on to the bottom of it. I will keep that one, for sentimental reasons. As I will keep the teeny tiny one with dutch blue on it. These kitties have been carried from Ethiopia to Louisiana to Ethiopia to Kenya and on to 5 different houses in Holland.

april 2009 007

april 2009 010

But the time has come to bid them goodbye. So, following my sisters advice, I took pictures of them and I’m hoping my niece on husbands side will appreciate them and the history they have. And if she doesn’t, that’s just too bad.  Along with them this teddy bear will also go. It holds enough sentiment to drag it along from box to box. That sentiment will now be captured in this very fancy picture. After which this bear will be gifted to the recycle store, to do with as they please.
april 2009 004

Very refreshing, this cleanup! But oddly painful as well. Goodbyes often are, even when they are to kitty cats and teddy bears.



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2 responses to “Kitty cats

  1. Dori

    That cat wouldn’t be engraved by a certain Mr. H. would it?

    My various collections have been purged over the years…now the remnants are back in boxes and back in the attic. For what? Mainly because there’s room up there and I can continue to put off making the decision to get rid of knick-knacks.

  2. lise

    Wow, good to see the kitties again! I think I gave you the blue and white one?? Anyways, good to see them!

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