7 Quick Takes


New houses and old(er) ones

Monday I spent at my sisters, helping out at her new house. I walked into my own house afterward and was bummed at its ordinariness. I have grown to like it again though, in the past week, and am quite happy to be living in a rental in which we can call somebody whenever something gets broken. Plus the thought of having to renovate a house at this stage in my life…. shudders…. It is very lovely to see my sister enjoying her space and her garden though! And here’s hoping she’ll be able to move in real soon and make it a real home for her and her loved ones. I’m glad I was able to do something to help her out, just a tiny bit!


No kids

Tuesday was work. But it was strange, because there were no kids at home. Even at work I felt the difference, weird isn’t it? Marinda is enjoying herself in Hungary, Tristan was sleeping over at a friends house. Meanwhile I needed the time to recuperate from the hecticness of last week, with all its visitors and sleepovers and what have you. I worked on wednesday and thursday as well and am actually feeling quite content about my progress. I’ve been able to do some good sorting out and organizing, and there’s actually space in my head for new ideas and less stress. One more week to go and then vacation coming up. Wednesday I had lunch with my hubby, just around the corner from my work. That was nice. Even though we were home alone for two days it didn’t have the same effect as going out for lunch did. Sunshine, not to many cares, and some conversation. I forget how neccesary it is for the health of our marriage.



Thursyday I made a good deal with the second hand book stall on the market. I went to get some english books there and he gave me a nice trading option. For every book I give to him, I can pick one of his for 50 cents. A lot of his books cost 2,50 so that’s fine with me! Besides which I have about 30 books which I don’t really want to keep, so I’ll be trading those in. Sweet deal, as far as I’m concerned! He even offered to bring in new books next week, knowing I would be coming around again. (and trust me, this is almost a neccesity as he only has two shelves of english books to chose from!). So now, I’ve got a pile of books growing gradually for my vacation!



I was struck this week by how I’m going to have to get used to having my private and work life getting more mingled than it ever has before. I tend to compartmentalize myself, work is one thing, home is another, and I can act like a totally different person in those places. At work I pride myself on sticking to my agreements, presenting myself well, working hard, and in general making myself liked. At home I tend to forget what I’ve promised, I forget to smile and make myself look nice, I moan and groan about the housework and in general make less of an effort to be appreciated. Often work does make me feel more appreciated making it easier to behave well (at least for me). But perhaps that should be beside the point.

What is my point? Well… my not sticking to agreements at home has its consequences for others, like the kids schools for example. And those very same schools are also schools that I have professional contacts with. So there’s the two worlds colliding. My professional, competent mode, runs right into my chaotic mother mode. Oops!! I have this feeling I’m going to have to be less demanding of myself at work and be more demanding at home, so that my personas don’t get all confused. Try to find the healthy balance in there somehow.


Good reads

Some good links crossed my path this week. Here they are:





I’ve also been able to do some light catching up with friends this week. One evening I “met” my neighbor on facebook and then we decided we’d both be better off sitting outside in the late sunshine with a glass of …well coke in this case. We both weren’t feeling up to the wine. Had coffee with another friend, dropped by another one spontaneously,  spoke to the phone on another and sent off a short note to some others and smsed with another. Hey, I’m blessed with quite some friends! I didn’t realize how many people I’ve been in touched with til I summed it up just now! Maybe I will celebrate my birthday later this summer and invite them over 🙂



I wore out my legs shopping today. Two pairs of shoes and four shirts. Not bad for a girl who doesn’t like to shop! It was exhausting though. I did get a free coffee coupon at one store so gave myself a little break imbetween. I came home with my usual colors, causing Herman to roll his eyes in frustration at my lack of creativeness. At this point, I’m just happy to have something that fits me relatively well and suits me and fashion is dictating that it must either be purple or red. Or, as one of my shirts is, BOTH!


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  1. lise

    Finally!!! Enjoyed the read Marit!!

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