7 Quick Takes



My daughter is heading off to Hungary tomorrow! A spur of the moment decision, led by the fact that her boyfriend and his friend are going back tomorrow as well. And she was wondering what she would be doing for the long long long two weeks she wouldn’t be seeing him.
Anyway, it means she’s in for a 22 hour bus trip. She’s thrilled to pieces, and so are the two guys. (they would be, beautiful girl in tow, what else does a guy want!)



On a totally different note, Marinda is reading up on the genocide in Rwanda. She decided on this subject for her final paper next year. I read one of the books she brought home and it was terribly graphic. I tend to stick my head in the sand for a lot of the evil in the world, but this book certainly didn’t sugarcoat any of it. I wonder what Marindas paper will be like, and I wonder how she’ll react to all the graphic things she’ll be reading up on.


Rain, Rain, Rain

It’s gloomy and cold out. No fun at all. The hungarian boys were wondering if this was traditional dutch weather. It just might be. June was delightful, I hope things get better soon. Funny how rainy weather makes me so much more lethargic.



Read this the other day:
“Drift is the decision you make by not deciding, or by making a decision that unleashes consequences for which you don’t take responsibility.”
Food for thought. And this also has to do with boundaries, at least as far as I’m concerned.


Silence of the lambs

That’s the movie that’s playing in the background as I type. Three boys and 1 girl are watching. I’ll join them in a little bit. Tomorrow I get to sleep in, yeah!!


Dutch goodies

Tomorrow I will also get some little dutch packages for my daughter to take with her to Hungary. One of my classmates from back when I lived in Ethiopia lives in Budapest, the town that my girlies heading for. Somehow, in a silly way, it makes me feel more comfortable knowing that someone I know lives in the town that she is going to, even though I havn’t seen that friend in 25 years!! I’ll give my daughter a package for her and her phone number and see if the two of them get together.



Tired is what I am. I had hoped this week would have been more peaceful than last week, but it turned out to be kind of hectic. I talked to my south african friend today. She called and asked if I was upset with her, seeing as I hadn’t talked to her in such a long time. Wish that didn’t have to happen, but somehow I got/get caught up in a whirlwind of stuff and contact with friends is one of the first things that falls by the wayside. Anyway, we managed to make a coffee date, and again spoke our intentions of being in touch more often. Man, I need to work on those boundaries!


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  1. Stopped over here from Conversion Diary. One of the best books I’ve read about the Rwandan genocide is Left to Tell. Very touching and inspirng, though heart-wrenching.

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