Teen invasion

Teen invasion might be a big word, but there’s been an influx teens since my daughters birthday. One friend spent the night after the party, only to return two days later with his sister and spend the night again, after staying out til two in the morning with my daughter and her boyfriend. It was the first time I decided not to stay up but just go to sleep and trust that all would be well. And all was well.

Now we have another teen in the house, daughters boyfriends friend, who is also looking into studying here in Holland (as is daughters boyfriend – he is led by love). Daughters boyfriend is hungarian….. and so is daughters boyfriends friend.

Meanwhile son wants to play outside til all hours. He’s twelve, what is a decent time when it’s summer and it stays light til ten/eleven? I can’t trust him to go to bed on his own, so I have to stay up til whatever time I set for him. Oh the troubles of motherhood. There is no rest for the weary ;-).

A couple of years ago my daughter used to have friends over. I would turn into their confidant and have long conversations with some of them. One of her boyfriends camped in our house, more or less. His parents were going through a divorce and we were a home away from home for him. Another girl friend, also in a sad family situation, spent some time with us as well, and I used to exchange e-mails with her. Another girl lived with us for about three months. A girl in her twenties. Also in need of a place to put her feet up. She was a lot of fun to have around. Crazy fun, buy a ton of candy fun, buy me a thong and dress me in her clothes kind of fun.

I kind of miss those times. It was hectic, but opening our house and hearts meant something. Since we moved here there’s not so much roaming in and out. My daughter lives behind her computer, and my son doesn’t have friends who camp in the house, and we have hardly any “walk in and plop down”  friends here.

But maybe it’s a good thing. My attention span is shot to pieces I’ve noticed. I can’t really concentrate on a long story, and I don’t know if I have enough energy right now to cope with someone living in the house, or for long nights of talks.

I do hope that it will come back though. Every now and again, like now when there’s more movement in the house, I miss the room that I used to have in my heart.


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