Vacation coming up

It’s my sons last day of elementary school. Which means he will perform in the traditional end of school musical tonight. He’s off now to go bowling with the class. Early this morning my husband drove him to our old town so that he could visit his old school for one last time. I was hoping it would help him to say goodbye to that part of his life, seeing as he’s been so terribly terribly homesick. I bought him a gift, a backpack. Evidently it’s very important to have exactly the right backpack, an Eastpak. So that’s what I bought, despite the exorbitant expense. I hope he’ll like it!

Meanwhile my daughter had her last test today, a math test. She needed to raise her grade by two tenths of a point so that she would be able to pass this year without question. Otherwise the teachers would have to have a meeting and all her sick time would come up and maybe just maybe she would fail. This passing by the skin of her teeth has been going on since she entered high school. There hasn’t been a year that we havn’t wondered if this year she might just not make it through. Next year are the final exams, and there’s much less room for leniency then. I sincerely hope she will make it but I would also like for it to be an easy pass instead of just barely!!

I had one of those work days where you just run from one appointment into the other. My new volunteer came to work and I think we’ll get along just fine. End of the week I have some important meetings coming up and then my work schedule looks easy. I’ll be spending a lot of time preparing for september. There’s already enough in my schedule then to give me heart palpitations.

Oohhhh, we get to borrow my parents in laws car for our vacation! It has air conditioning, glory!! And it’s bigger than our car, so we’ll be able to pack more in.

The first vacation sleep-over has been organized. Monday morning I’ll bring my son to our old town, and then head over to help my sis. (Hey sis, if you’re reading this, I’m dropping by on monday at around eleven to help you pack or cart stuff, ok?).  She’s just bought a house and been diagnosed with a herniated disc and hip dysplasia. Guess she can use all the help she can get.

And with the summer vacation coming up, the weather has decided to go gray. Goodbye sunshine, hello rain!



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2 responses to “Vacation coming up

  1. one of your colleagues, yes, that one!

    Hope you’ll have a lovely holiday! I’m in France for the next three weeks, so I’ll see you around august.

    Take care and try to take it easy as well!

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