Some thoughts

I just watched the movie Freedom Writers. Driven teacher, motivates her class, gets stuff done, at the cost of her relationship. It makes me wonder. How much can one do at the expense of a relationship?

Take some groundbreaking missionaries for example. Doing good, bringing people to Christ, but neglecting their family, unable to build relationships with their kids because of all the time spent doing Gods work.

Or some medical workers. Working all hours of the day, doing charity work. Healing people. Angels of mercy to those they help, but divorced because of the lack of investment in their marriage.
Or… the list can go on.

Where’s the boundary?

If you have to chose between helping a whole classroom of kids, or saving your marriage, what should you do?
If you’re pastoring a whole church, but your kids don’t connect with you, what should you do?
If you can make a hundred lives more bearable by operating on cleft palates in a developing country, but can’t uphold your relationships, what should you do?
Does doing good for many compensate for the sorrow it causes one?

I wonder.



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2 responses to “Some thoughts

  1. Great post and certainly food for thought. It is definitely a rare and unique individual who can manage both. Do you suppose that is one of the reasons the Catholic religion requires celibacy of their priests?

  2. Dori

    Maybe that’s the reason Mother Theresa could do what she did? No divided loyalties?

    I remember with my own dad–longing for him to spend more time with us then feeling guilty because that would then take him away from “God’s work”. How could I compete with God? But I always felt like an after thought. One of the main motivating factors in my decision to stay home with my children–they will never question my love for them and they’ll never feel like I don’t have time for them. There has got to be a balance–if one chooses to have a family as well. That’s the biggest challenge we face with being in law enforcement. Though a lot of times the marriages that fail would have failed anyway and “the job” is just an excuse.

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