Birthday pleasures

As I type I hear the giggle of girls outside, underneath the party tent. There’s a fire smoking away, lots of marshmallows have been roasted. Cake is half eaten, paper from the presents is strewn around. Some of the boys have gone to the park to play soccer, others are now jumping on the trampoline. My daughter is laughing and enjoying herself.

Seven countries are represented here tonight. Irak, Somalia, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Canada and Holland of course. My daughter is attracted to those who are different, and this celebration is a small reflection of that.

This morning she went to pick up her boyfriend who sold his guitar and took a 22 hour bus trip to get here in time. Another friend of hers spent two and a half hours in the train before he was here.

She has a varied group of friends, this daughter of mine, and flits like a butterfly from one to the other. I wonder what her future holds. She’s going to be at home for one more year and then will go out to explore the world on her own terms. Something she is very eager to do. I watch her in amazement sometimes. The beauty of her smile, her intelligence, her stubbornness and I’m happy that I’m in her life, get to be a part of it.

I’m glad I was there today to bake the cakes, hang up the decorations and taxi back and forth from station to house with carloads of teenagers.

I love my girl!


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