What a day

( I just discovered I had drafted this on wednesday, but forgot to post it!)

It’s been one of those days that feels like a week. You know, jam packed with all kinds of stuff.

I cried tears of pain and tears of laughter.

We (hubby, son and I) saw the kids from my old neighborhood. One whom I used to babysit, when I was about the same age she is now!! The other who has become an artist with a great personality and a special place in our hearts.

We had injera. I drank tej and got slightly woozy.

We walked through Utrecht. I was filled with nostalgia for the great dynamics of a big city and made a formless attempt at a resolution to visit the city more often.

My psych made me cry. That is truly a load of bull, I made myself cry by looking some hard truths in the face, kindly supported by my therapist.

I cleaned some house, feeling like I could weep with desperation at the state of it.

I laughed and laughed at my sons silliness (partly under the influence of aforementioned tej).

Pension plans were judged and found adequate.

And my daughter just came down and said she has something to tell me so that I can think about it.

Talk about a mixed up day!


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