7 Quick Takes


Last day?
I’m thinking today could be the last day that I’ll be at home alone for the rest of the summer. Kids will be finished with school in a couple of days. I had plans to get started with preparing for a birthday party tomorrow, but now I’m just enjoying the peace and quiet and alone time. Won’t get too much more of that in the next 6 weeks! But I won’t have to drag kids out of bed in the morning either.



The heavens opened this afternoon and the rain came pouring down. It was practically an event! I went to pick Marinda up from the station, but turned around and told her to just bike because the streets were flooded. I was scared  of getting stranded in the middle of my little town, wearing only a t-shirt, kikoi and flipflops. It would do my image no good. And after she got here we realized I wouldn’t have made it anyway. She had to navigate huge puddles with water up to her knees!

A friend posted a youtube clip here. If you check it out, you can see exactly what an average street here in my town looks like with the flooding.


Tea and company

My neighbor friend dropped by. I had the door standing open to air the house.  Later on her husband strolled in. I love it when people just come in unannounced and I don’t have to sit up and be “company”. We drank tea and ate popcorn and discussed the aftermath of the storm and her vacation. Just made me feel comfy and cozy.



This picture is of my husband and son navigating the sidewalks of Utrecht. I love the many bicycles and the old buildings!

april 2009 028

This one was taken of a park we walked by which had been entirely taken over by groups students, small family units, singles, old people, whatever. Some barbeques had been lighted, someone was playing the djembe, picnic baskets were set out. In general the sun was being enjoyed! I miss this here in my town. It’s unthinkable to settle down in one of the parks here and get the whole mishmash of cultures and people. When I lived in Utrecht I believe I parked myself down maybe once, but I miss what this embodies. A more eclectic  mix of people and the dynamics that go with it. I felt like a dowdy country girl walking by!

april 2009 025



I’ve been doing lots of thinking about boundaries (in case you havn’t noticed ;-)). Boundaries have always been an issue with me and I’ve learned a lot about how to apply them over the last couple of years, but evidently not enough! I’ve been ignoring some of my gut feelings and the consequences have been my lack of energy and overall feeling of depression. I havn’t had my usual escape mechanisms in place due to the various trials and tribulations over the last year which means now I really have to deal with things instead of running for safety. It’s hard, but it’s also a good thing, or it will be once I learn how to apply my newfound wisdom.



My daughter and I went on a grocery shopping expedition after supper to prepare for her birthday celebrations coming up tomorrow. Her birthday is not for another 3 weeks, but seeing summer vacation is coming up, we celebrate it early. She has a funny quirk. She doesn’t want to serve anything that she doesn’t like to eat herself. Which means we have strawberries, but no cream. Only a certain kind of potato chips. The cake she specifies and which I will bake for her. Hamburgers made the way she likes them, and if someone doesn’t like hamburgers, tough luck. I love the girl though, funny quirks and all. We spent an hour or two preparing this evening so that I won’t have to do too much tomorrow. She’ll be heading off to pick up her boyfriend, so no help tomorrow morning!



Yesterday I had a course on how to deal with teenagers. It was for my work. There was some basic information about how teenage brains develop and also some info on how to make volunteer work attractive to them. It was the biological stuff that I found interesting. Some of the stuff I’ve looked at as belonging only to my kids, like their habit of not going to sleep in the evening, can be biologically explained. Somehow it makes me feel more understanding towards them and less likely to blow up in their faces about their bad sleeping habits. You know teenagers need 10 hours of sleep? Ideally they should sleep after 11 at night, and then wake up at nine or so and then go to school. Meanwhile I have to drag my kids out at seven, after them having about seven hours of sleep at most. No wonder they sleep til 1 in the afternoon on saturdays!


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  1. Dori

    Wow! That’s a lot of rain! They’ve closed the roads here for flooding like that. And all I could think of was what mother lets her children stand that close to the road?!

    I like the takes this week–very insightful. And the last one I thought you’d just had an especially trying day with the kids–but it was a real course. Imagine that. 😀

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