I recycled my wedding dress today. There was a medieval fest at my husbands work and all guests were requested to dress appropriately. My first action was to go the secondhand store here in town and see what they had.
Score: 1 long brown skirt and a couple of bits and pieces

Then I went to my mother in laws house and asked to raid her closet. She wears traditional dutch clothes for a choir she sings in and has a habit of saving lots of the clothing that she buys, hoping that she’ll wear it again some day :-).
Score: I white girly blouse

Then today I frantically rummaged through my own plastic stowaway crate of things I want to keep.
Score: I wedding dress and one nepalese gold and maroon wraparound skirt.

With the sweat pouring off my back (it was humid today!) I forced myself in to my wedding dress. It wouldn’t go down any further than my waist. Okay then. On went the brown skirt (elasticized, thank goodness!). And then I wrapped the nepaleze skirt around halfway, leaving panels hanging down in front. I bunched up the rest of my wedding dress (which had a simple straight skirt) around my waist and proclaimed myself medievallish.

I will spare you the picture, it just doesn’t portray the true sense of the medieval that was radiating from me. Or maybe that was the heat, induced by all those clothes.

Will somebody please tell me though. What was I thinking of when I got my wedding dress made with the HUGE PUFFY SLEEVES?!? In peach colored silk no less???


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  1. Puffy sleeves were once all the rage. Maybe it is good that you recycled the dress and only have pictures for your children and friends to laugh at.

    Thanks for dropping by my little world…..

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