7 Quick Takes



Half the fun of going on vacation is the anticipation of the joys that are to come. I am one to look forward, plan ahead and enjoy imagining what’s coming up,  especially when heading towards vacation. I buy games to bring with us, plan what to wear, where to go, and what to see. I buy guide books and a map and plan our route.
This time, not so much. I can hardly grasp the concept of the month of June already being almost over, the kids being  done with school, and only four weeks ’til  we leave for the Czech Republic. It doesn’t help that the last news I heard from there was one of floods and lots of rain!



My south african friend is having a surprise party for her husband tonight, and asked me to bake something. So I made brownies, which have come out of the pan in somewhat misformed shapes, and am hoping that my carrot cake turns out better! I was glad to hear she did not invite her cake designer friend as that would have made me feel very embarrassed. Now I’m secretly hoping the taste of the stuff will cover up for my lack of presentation.



I have a new computer keyboard which is driving me nuts. Somehow my indicator (or whatever you call the little line that shows where you are when you’re typing..) has disappeared, so now I have to guess where it is, and if I’m in the right place to insert a word or a picture. Yuck!


Cleaning house

I havn’t been able to score a cleaning lady yet, despite attempts made to lure away the cleaning ladies that my friends have. I’m guessing my friends are not passing on my messages…

It means that the house is gross. Though the kids hollered when I told them I was going to look for a cleaning lady. Pay us, they said!! Sure…. as soon as they actually start doing something, of their own accord, at a reasonable pace, maybe I’ll consider it. Right now I would much prefer a secret presence when I’m not at home, cleaning my house with expertise followed by the magic of returning home to find a spotless and shiny house, all done with nary a whinge or complaint.

Hopefully, that time will come soon.



How can one not be happy when seeing this? Seen through my daughters camera 🙂




Again, it’s all about boundaries.


Skirt or no skirt

I’m curious to hear your opinion on this.

For my work I’ve been asked to do 3 presentations about volunteer work at a local school. This school is one of the strict religious type schools, where girls are expected to have long hair and wear skirts or dresses. There’s also restrictions placed on type of music, watching tv, and other such stuff. The last time I was there, it was for a meeting with one of the teachers, and I wore a pair of pants and a blouse, nothing revealing! Now I wonder, should I wear a skirt or dress to these presentations? It will mean buying one, which shouldn’t be a problem in this town! I havn’t been asked to wear a skirt, I’m just wondering if it would be respectful and therefor polite for me to wear one, or if I should just go ahead and wear my daily wear, taking care not to have boobs falling out all over the place.

What do you think?



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2 responses to “7 Quick Takes

  1. lise

    get the skirt, you look good in a skirt! and it doenst hurt to present yourself well.. just shows that you respect their dresscode. I would get one 2 inches above the knee 😉

  2. I agree: Skirt. Maybe not only because it will look great on you & it’s nice to have at least one skirt in your wardrobe, but also because if it’s required of the girls to wear one it may seem more fair.

    I love these blog posts of yours! Keep them coming 🙂

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