Meeting with the Mayor

I have a  meeting with the mayor and the aldermen this morning. That sounds so much more important than it is, because actually it’s a meeting with all of us new folks in the city hall, so it’s not like I’m having a one on one with them :-).

I like to think of myself as not being status sensitive, but unfortunately that is not the case. Meeting the mayor makes me nervous, because he is the mayor after all! And I have a big problem with knowing what “protocol” I should be using. Dutch language has two ways of adressing people, the polite form and the informal form. Having grown up speaking lots of english, my tendency is to be informal with everyone. My formal form creaks and groans from lack of use. And I’m always  unsure as to what is “done” in a situation like this. May I or may I not use first names? Shake hands with everybody? Wear slippers (which I am, because they match my shirt, and it’s going to be a sunny day) In the city hall, I see a big difference in what people use as far as adressing people. Some  are relatively informal and others are formal, leaving me in a muddle of insecurity. Sometimes I end up using both forms mixed up together which makes me sound slightly ridiculous.

On Thursday there’s lunch with the director, also with my other new colleagues. I appreciate the effort that’s being made to get to know us! Makes for a much nicer work atmosphere. So far, as a place of work, this is turning out to be a really good place, belaying all my fears of coming into an organisation of pencil pushing government officials.



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3 responses to “Meeting with the Mayor

  1. one of your colleagues, yes, that one!

    Meeting the mayor is nothing to worry about. He really is a good guy.

    Love the flowers you bought last week. And I’m glad I made your day with my comment on one of your posts, but it’s just the way I see it. Don’t worry about work. You love it, so enjoy it. At least I’m glad you join our organization! :-)) not that we see eachother that much, but when we do I like it.

    Keep on smiling – at least try to.
    And if doesn’t succeed: you tried.

    You go girl!

  2. lise

    Just remember they are all humans, status or no status!

  3. I hope it went well! 🙂

    I have sometimes too the issue with how to address. I accidentally address some as ‘je’ instead of ‘u,’ & it’s completely not intentional.

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