7 (nope, sorry, 6) Quick Takes



No Poo
Our no poo experiment has come to an end. Washing our hair with baking soda and rinsing it with vinegar has not had the desired effect. I am quite happy to have my usual curly hair back instead of a bunch of hay, no matter if it is because of all the additives my shampoo contains!


I made a list of the good, the bad and the ugly to take with me to my second appointment at the psych today. I didn’t actually use it, but some of the subjects on my list came up anyway. I think this going to the shrink thing is going to work. Careful optimism here!



Evidently, it all comes down to boundaries. I was afraid it would! Let’s just call it work in progress.


Monkey Bread

Thinking of making some monkey bread this weekend. Saw a great recipe here and felt totally inspired. Now to put the inspiration into action.



I went for a short walk three times this week. That’s quite an accomplishment for me as I do not like walking really. But I’ve been too tired to bike and walking is said to be restful. Two of the walks were with my daughter, a simple way to keep in touch and get some body movement as well. A friend invited me to go biking with her, she says she has some nice routes in the surroundings, maybe some I havn’t discovered yet. You know I like the idea of going on a bike ride with her. The only thing is, I’m not much of a conversationalist at this moment, and that might be a problem. Not sure how to tell somebody, “sure I’ll come with you on a bike ride, but please, let’s not talk!”



I’m glad I started up my other blog. So far (all four days….ahem..) it has proved to be an incentive for looking for the bright things in life. And it reaffirms what I already know. I’m a flower and color kind of person. The more, the better. For example, I’m worried my plants will die if nobody takes care of them when we go on vacation. And really, I’m not much of a gardener!

I also noticed that my bright things tend to be tangible objects. Not a bad thing in itself, but I am hoping I’ll be able to report on more intangible forms of happiness as time passes by. The kind of happiness that’s there no matter what the circumstances. The kind that’s eluding me right now.



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2 responses to “7 (nope, sorry, 6) Quick Takes

  1. Dori

    I like the “quick takes”!

    And no shampoo? Hmmmm…there are all natural shampoos and soaps out there. Vinegar is great for cleaning, but I’d like something a little softer on my skin and hair!

    Walking, monkey bread, shrinks and boundaries! Quite the combo! šŸ˜€

  2. I also really like these quick takes. I’ve got our other blog added to my favorites now too šŸ™‚

    I hope building the boundaries will just be a smooth process for you. I have had to do this myself over the last year, also standing my guard.

    And I hope you’ll continue with the walks! I do it as well & it’s helped me šŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend!

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