It’s 4:30 in the morning. I’ve been awake since 2:30. I’m not particularly pleased with that. In fact, I think it’s rather frightening. The middle of the night is not a good time for positive thinking anyway. Though the birds are already chirping outside and the sun is also already up. Yet I would much prefer to be asleep and oblivious to the thoughts going on in my head.
Thoughts which are slightly panicked, half unformed. Varying from what am I going to do? Will I have to call in sick? What appointments do I have today? How far am I going to sink before I come up for air? Is total meltdown now looming on the horizon? And if it is what will happen then? HELP!!!
Wierd how the brain can jolt one awake and keep one awake despite the body’s desire for sleep.
I’m afraid my head is going to explode.


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  1. I hope you were able to get more rest!

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