Resolving the dilemma

Seeing as I have two things I want to deal with, my need to whinge and my need to be positive, I’ve decided to take the easy way out and just start another blog! Yup, I’m crazy.
The other blog, which I will make after I finish writing this, will be devoted to good things only. I have actually thought of doing this before. I figure “forcing” myself to focus on good things at least once a day should do me some good. Then I can whinge and whine and write deep thoughts on this blog as much as I want, knowing that the lighter other side of me is being encouraged elsewhere.
I’m motivated anyway, let’s see if this works!


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One response to “Resolving the dilemma

  1. Dori

    Wowie! Keeping up with just one blog is sometimes more than I can handle–wouldn’t even want to attempt a second! But I like your idea… it could prove to be fairly therapeutic. Now to go add it to reader…

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