I came home from work hopeful today. Sympathetic manager and sympathetic colleagues, a very quick referral to a psych and a lot more leeway in my working hours. It’s a big relief.

I don’t cry easily, but something about someone listening or just being kind brings tears to my eyes. Like with our friends on saturday night. Not a lot of words, but I know that they care. I don’t have a huge urge to spill my guts to all and sundry, usually what goes on in me has to be dragged out (with the exception of this blog, he.) But like I said, someone showing that they realize something more is going on makes me weepy.

I think I’m actually looking forward to talking to the shrink, sorting out some of the mess in my head and learning some new coping mechanisms. Evidently the ones I’ve developed up to now have lost their effectiveness.  Time to move on.



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3 responses to “Hopeful

  1. Jo

    You have a lovely blog…! It sounds as if you are going through some “stuff” in your life. You know, the first step is to write about it. That’s how changes come about.

    Either that, or eat copious amounts of chocolate. *heh*

  2. lise

    Good on you dear!! Sending love and TS’s

  3. zan

    Am sorry you’re going through such a rough time and I’m sorry I haven’t been much of a support. This sounds like a break-through though? I hope it all works out for you. Big big hugs right back 🙂

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