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So we discovered this is what happens to chicory if you don’t eat it, but just let it grow!
It’s an interesting experiment, one my kids view with gratitude seeing as they are no great lovers of chicory,
no matter how much cheese, ham and puff pastry I put around it.

april 2009 002



My brother writes a blog, and showcases some of his art on his website.

He’s in Ethiopia now, visiting my sister, and has written some amazingly insightful pieces. Go check them out!

I’m so very very proud of him.



I love these two! (my) mother and (my) daughter.

keuken 2009 055



Living where we live, tourist season has hit full speed. Which means tomorrow there’s at least 7 different activities I could chose to go to, some of which are work related, others not. At least 4 of these activitites are so called “rommelmarkten” which literally means junk markets. I actually love nosing around the junk. We’ve picked up so many good and useful things that way, and some pretty stuff as well.

Like the glass bottles I have in my garden.



Every now and gain a verse of the Bible or a song I’ve long forgotten will pop into my head or otherwise draw my attention to it. Yesterday I was reading a dutch book and Psalm 139 was quoted. I forgot how much I like that Psalm. And looking it up again today reminded me of this song.

It’s in dutch and pretty much literally quotes the Psalm. I have to state I don’t much like the style in which it is sung on the link, it’s just a bit sweet and gooey to my taste.



I’ve done some clicking from blog to blog lately and rediscovered some that I’d let lie by the wayside. It amazes me how many people write! And how many don’t write particularly well. I guess it is an enormous challenge to be different, entertaining, witty, intelligent or interesting enough to attract readers. I know I’m an awful surfer. I read three sentences and then move along, move along. I’m guessing people do the same with this little blog :-).  Most of the blogs I read are either from those who I know and love and want to get to know better, or from those who manage to grab my attention in the 10 seconds I surf by. It’s the same way in life I suppose. I tend to invest in those who interest me, and get invested in by those who are interested in me!


All done!


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  1. I do the same blogsurfing bit! I’m terrible about making a snap judgement, even just based on typos or clutter in the sidebar. But I think you’re right…you’ll invest in those that interest you. You have no obligation to love/comment on all blogs you read. I love your thought process there.