It’s tempting to post more pictures, with the realisation that people are more likely to comment. It’s also tempting to gloss over life, and write about doo-dads only, taking into consideration that not everybody wants or likes to read about my miseries. But I did make a resolution of sorts, when I started this “new” blog, and that was to stay close to myself and be honest. And honestly, I’m tired, and upset and hard put to find something cheerful to write about.

Although claims are made that a positive approach to life is uplifting to the spirit, a smile on your face generates a happy heart, and more of such stuff. But sometimes a whinge is nice as well.  A good whinge will often help me get on with things, get it over with and out of the way.

No such hopes today I think. I need me some sleep or relaxation of another kind. Especially the kind that reaches farther than skin deep. Which in my case means…… I’m not sure what it means! I guess I just need to grab the moments when they’re there, and hang on with grim determination in the moments that I feel life is just a tad overwhelming.

Wish I wasn’t so overwhelmed by the mundane though. We missed a parent/teacher evening last night and I’m feeling guilt ridden, lowly, humiliated and like a really screwed up mom. Guilt having the overhand right now!  I feel like we’ve proven ourselves to be total cockups as far as parenthood is concerned, and missing this meeting just proves the point even more. This is me getting upset over the mundane.

Ah well. Enough of the whinging. Oh no wait. I’d like to mention that my daughter was home sick again. Though when I came home she looked at me and wondered which one of us was feeling worse….



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3 responses to “Tempting

  1. lise

    Guess that’s why I don’t blog, spare all you guys my misery’s!! Sending some TLC over your way!

  2. Dori

    Does the extra helping of guilt come with the child? I wonder that all the time! However, as you keep telling me…your children are happy and well cared for! Life is made of the mundane moments…those are the bits that make us who we are. Wise I had amazing pearls of wisdom–but that’s about as insightful as I get!

  3. Hang in there! I know how you are feeling. In my own ways, but I have been there/done that. Just keep up with your faith & enjoy the love around you in your home 🙂 And your backyard looks like a great place to sit & chitchat about all of those things burdening you over a cup of coffee or tea with your husband. Sit out there until the sunsets & enjoy the stars! I think you are a great spirit & wish I could swing by easily on my bicycle to bring you a bosje bloemen & have a chat & a laugh 😉

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