7 Quick Takes



avoirdupois \av-uhr-duh-POIZ; AV-uhr-duh-poiz\, noun:

2. Weight; heaviness; as, a person of much avoirdupois.

I console myself with this word. Sounds so much nicer than heavy, big-boned, fat or overweight, doesn’t it?


The sun is shining outside, and the window cleaner is washing my windows. Yes, this is neccesary, because otherwise they wouldn’t get done!  And we would have to buy a 20 yard ladder in order to reach our top windows, which cannot be reached from the inside out. The inside is my responsibility, and each time I think that the fact that the outside is clean will motivate me to clean the inside. Unfortunately, this is not the case.  This poor window washer is having to work his way around the massive obstacle of the remaining half of our kitchen, which is standing outside encased in blue plastic. It makes an ugly statement in our otherwise lovely garden.


Besides the comforting sounds of a handsome young man cleaning going on , there are also the sounds of lots of children playing.
We live right around the corner of a school. When the kids are on break you hear the clamor of their voices.
With the sun shining and all, it makes it feel like summer.  🙂



This is where we’re going this summer. I just sent off a mail to friends of mine from way back when, who live in Germany, real close to where we will need to drive by in order to reach the Czech Republic. Here’s hoping they will be around this summer, so we can combine our holiday with a visit to either one, or all of them! These are the kinds of friends that even if you havn’t spoken to them in a year (which is the case) you get right back on track like you just saw them yesterday. I love friends like that!

(sadly, I just heard they won’t be there….)


My daughter actually made it to school FIVE WHOLE DAYS this week. It’s practically miraculous. I think the last time was….. somewhere in january? Now she’s even out with her camera, getting ready to take some pictures. I think I will get her something to celebrate this occasion!


My son can take his injection exam next week! Amazing kid only took four times to get the knack of intravaneously injecting himself with clotting factor. I took longer than that! I’m very proud of him, and also very very happy that there is only one more tedious trip to the hospital to be taken. Now to think what to get him as a present….


It is rhythm and blues time in my town tonight. I picked up one of my best friends after our trip to the hospital today and we will go explore together. This means a bike ride in the sunshine, followed by hopefully some fun music and a good atmosphere. I was thinking of making waffles with strawberries and icecream for desert after we get back. We had lasagna for supper which is my “guest meal”.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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