Comfort food

My mom used to make this for us, I think it was one of my favorite foods as a child.  And now I make it for my kids (and for me, let’s be honest!)

Macaroni with ham and cheese

– saute an onion
– add cubes of ham or slices of ham or fried bacon bits
– meanwhile, in another pan, boil macaroni
– add drained macaroni to pan of onion and ham
– stir through with great amounts of freshly grated or cubed cheese till fully melted
– add salt and pepper to taste, or ketchup (if you’re like my husband!)

If you’re feeling healthy, add a salad on the side. Otherwise, just allow yourself to be comforted by the warm cheesy comforting goodness of it all.

As simple as this meal is, evidently I’m the one who makes it best!


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One response to “Comfort food

  1. Mmmm! Comfort food indeed 🙂 My husband loves these types of dishes, so I will give this one a try soon. Thanks for sharing!

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