Things that go bump in the night

I just had a terrible night. Didn’t get to sleep ’til late, then woke up with a nightmare, followed by some deep thinking after which I fell asleep only to wake up to a huge thunder and lightning show. So if I got three hours of sleep that would be a lot.

But that actually isn’t what I was wanting to write about.

Yesterday my daughter and I went to the homeopath, for the fourth time. Going is already somewhat of a step because of my christian background. I’m somewhat wary about “unproven” forms of treatment. So far the treatment has also not given much result except for good conversation. This time the talk did lead somewhere, for which I was thankful. There seems to be no cure for my girls ails for now, as it seems she is being her own worst enemy with her state of mind leading to lack of energy. Not very consoling, but still good to know, and definately good to know oneself!

But even that is beside the point.

At the end of our talk the homeopath tested some medicine. Her way of doing this is by having her hold a medicine sample in one hand, and then testing the muscle strength in her other hand. Strangely enough, different medicines cause different muscle tension. It is totally inexplicable and even my daughter was cynical about it, but there really is a difference. This has been done before, and it has surprised me, but hasn’t bothered me. This time however I mentioned my surprise and then the homeopath started explaining the theory behind it. She talked about energy in our bodies, and outside of our bodies, and mentioned astral entities and was disturbingly vague. And that threw me off. I don’t go for vague explanations about astral entitites, they give me the creeps. I blocked it out though and went on to finish the appointment.

But the nightmare last night got me back to thinking about it again. Astral entities? Do I really want my daughter taking “medicine” from a woman who believes in astral entities? And I realized something. I havn’t, not once, prayed about my daughters ailments in the last couple of months. And that threw me for a loop. I believe in the most powerful “astral entitity” there is, God Almighty, and I totally passed Him by in the search for a cure. If my girls ailments are caused by her state of mind, it is God I shoudl be turning to for wisdom and grace, not astral entities.

So does God speak in the middle of the night? Since I got out of bed a couple of hours later the conviction about cancelling her next appointment and throwing out the medicine has slackened somewhat. I wonder if it’s really such a bad thing, and maybe I should just think “if it doesn’t do any good, it won’t harm either”.

But I guess I know better.


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