7 Quick Takes



Currently reading Deadly Emotions by Dr. Don Colbert. You know how sometimes  you get a book at the right time, the right place?

This seems to be it for me now.


My son just finished injecting himself at the table behind me. After 12 years of injecting him, he’s learning how to do it himself.

A step in independence for him and letting go for us. But this is one part of letting go that I’m not so worried about!


Going to see Star Trek tomorrow!


It is spring after all!



I was just googling something for my mom, who has just come back from Ethiopia to live here in Holland. Something she has looked forward to, but something that will also not come easily I think, after having lived in other countries for so many years! Looking through all the information made me realize how much I havn’t looked at anything about Third Culture Kids in the longest time. I used to want to work with or for Third Culture Kids, to feel the common bond, to feel understood, to find a place that I would feel at home, a place where I felt I would be able to offer some form of help, or at least make use of my own experinces growing up across cultures.

But I just now realized that need is not there anymore. I’m quite happy being me, making myself useful in the job I have now. Having grown up in a lot of places has definately defined me as a person, but there’s not so much the hunger for affirmation anymore. Maybe because I’m in touch with old friends through facebook? Maybe because I went back to Ethiopia, saw, felt and smelled the country; felt right at home and yet also knew that I wouldn’t want to live there? Maybe it’s because I realize that I’ve lived here longer than I’ve lived anywhere else, and home is where you chose it to be. Maybe just because I’m tired and can’t be bothered! Whatever the case may be, that part of me seems to have settled down somewhat. I’m pretty ok with that, surprisingly!


I went to the gym this morning and worked up a little sweat. That made me feel good about myself.


This blog has had nary a hit since I started writing, but I’m not so bothered! Just the fact of writing again has woken me up a tad, drawn me out of my lethargy just the tiniest bit. Evidently writing is something that really does suit me and brings out the best in me. Comments or not!



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3 responses to “7 Quick Takes

  1. Those flowers are stunning! I wouldn’t mind looking at those all day every day.

    Good for you for getting some exercise! I feel sweaty just thinking about it…does that count?

  2. Elise, I like your list. My son said Star Trek was really good. How neat that you live in Holland. I would love to visit there someday. My ancesters are from Holland. Have a great weekend!

  3. Nane

    I´m glad you started writing again! It does do something good for your sould, doesn´t it? A great way(if not feeling pressured to do it) to release whatever keep spinning around in our minds and draining well-needed energy:)

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