I work on a yo-yo principle, repeat cycle, continuously coming back to the same thing kind of way. Like now for example. Lost 6 kilo’s, gained who knows how many, because at a certain point I just don’t get on the scale anymore! But last night I was vegging out by the tv, thinking about today, what I was going to do, and was struck by the delightful thought that I might just get back on my gym thingy again. I screwed up my knee a couple of weeks ago jumping on the trampoline and couldn’t get on the step thing either because of it. But it has improved, so there we go, I’ll give it a try again.

Weird, the boost it gave me just to think of exercising again. Exercise is such a nicely productive thing to do. Makes me feel better just thinking
about it. So that’s what I’m going to do in about 5 minutes after I finish typing this.
I actually got up this morning, folded laundry, and even vacuumed my sons bedroom around his sleepy head, that’s how energized I was feeling.


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