Just can’t stop

I gave up my blog at www.eliseblogsherlife.blogspot.com a scant three weeks ago. But I miss the interaction. I miss the writing. I miss the feedback. I miss eagerly checking who’s been reading. And I definately miss the insight that the blog offered me through writing down what was/is going on in my head which thereby supplied me some form of insight.

So here I am again, blogging away. This time though, I’ll not tell people I’ve written until I get back into the flow.  And I want to see how much I want to write, how much I want to share,  if there is as much in my head as I think there is, and if is possible to share it with those I love. Because sometimes the darkness in my head doesn’t want to be seen.

Of course, there’s always the risk of being caught out. Of one of my smart kids picking up on the link, or someone coming upon me typing away madly. I’ll see how that goes.

For now this blog will become a place of refuge for me. A place to blurt my mind, and put down whatever hits my fancy. Even though it may be a repeat cycle over and over and over again.



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2 responses to “Just can’t stop

  1. Dori

    Oh…welcome back! I’ve missed you!

  2. A Human Kind of Human

    Hi Elise, I am glad that you decided to start blogging again else I would never have met you. I have paged back to the beginning of this blog and intent to read your other blog as well, just not immediately as I never seem to have enough time to spend on the ‘net. It is so nice to have a bloggie who can actually understand Afrikaans. You know of course that Afrikaans originated with Dutch. There are just too many ties between the Afrikaner and the Dutch to discuss, or even mention, here. Beste wense van Suid Afrika.

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